• Image of End Racism Denim Motor Jacket

Hand made and embroidered with over 100,000 stitches. Turn heads and make a fashion statement while supporting a great cause! I hope you love attention, it's guaranteed. This product is for Men and Women. Please allow up to 2 weeks or more for your order, we are experiencing high demands for this product. Thank you!

*If you're not sure about your Jacket size, feel free to email your measurements after or before your order.

Disclaimer: Our Denim Motor Jackets are slim fit and true to size so if you want some room to move freely, we recommend that you purchase one size up than your normal jacket size. For further inquiries Email: Mosqidou@gmail.com

*** Side Note: We are proud to announce that we do offer our customers a "Partial Payment Plan" for this product and we'll be adding this option to a few more of our Exclusive Products soon. It's a simple plan where you can add minimum payments towards your bill (Invoice via PayPal) until you've paid in full. Upon the completion of your payment, we can start the shipping arrangements. If interested, please send an email to Mosqidou@Gmail.com titled, "Partial Payment Plan." Please be advised, the faster you pay in full, the faster we can get your product out to you! Thank you, we appreciate your business. ***